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Letscom U8I Bluetooth Earphones


This is a great pair of Bluetooth earphones as long as you get a good fit and don’t mind the price. These earphones come in their box along with a user manual, spare ear buds in different sizes (3 pairs in total), a Micro USB cable,a Wire clip,and an Eva bag to keep you earphones in.

The user manual is in English with good diagrams making them very easy to understand.

Charging up the earphones is the first thing you should do and this may take  me only an hour to have it done. Once the earphones are full charged, you have to pair them to your phone or computer. It is very easy to do so and your devices will find the earphones (called ‘Letscom U8I’) right away. Just press Pair, and the earphones will be paired. 

There are 3 spare eartips and the ones that come on the earphones is the one of a medium size and you may really change them into a small pair. You may think changing the eartips would be very difficult but thanks to the slim size of the earphone itself (where the ear bud sits) it is very easy to do so.In the package it has no spare ear hooks , but you will find the ones that are pre-attached to be very easy and comfortable to wear and they won’t annoy you in the slightest.

u8i package.jpg

open u8i package.jpg

Putting the earphones in is easy enough, but getting a good sound without plugging my ears is not. The ear phones kept going in a bit too far causing this complete plug (and you should never completely plug up your ears!).You may pull them out a little bit for them to slide back in re-plugging your ears again.

When you pair and turn them on and off, these earphones won’t produce any harsh, extra loud sound. The sound quality itself is actually very good. There is a very good bass sound to the music, which is very stable and clear, but as I already said, you can really achieve this if you get the right fit which you may struggle to do.

u8i bass.png

Despite the plug problem, wearing the earphones is comfortable. They have a small clip on the cable,which is for holding onto additional cable to stop there being an excessive amount. The bottons on the actual ear piece are very easy to use. 

u8i button and wire clip.jpg


All in all,it is a good pair of earphones for their sound. Fitting them is tricky and they do stick out a bit when you wear them but they don’t slip out of my ears once I had that good fit.  After these trials, I rate this earbud to be 4 stars—overall good but not perfect.