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Letscom Resistance loop bands

Resistance bands are versatile strength training tools. They’re lightweight, portable, and cost less than a month’s membership at most gyms, yet are able to significantly enhance strength training workouts. 

For the price, you get a set of 6 bands. Each is a different level of resistance, so you can switch it up whenever you want. Each band has a different assist level ranging from 5-40 lbs, Black: 30-40 lbs, Red: 25-30 lbs, Yellow: 15-20 lbs, Blue: 20-15 lbs, Green: 5-10 so you can choose a lot or a little help (or work your way down). These bands are made from natural rubber latex. They are color-coded too, so you can organize and select your appropriate resistance band easily.


Resistance bands are great because they enhance any type of workout. Whether it be cardio, strength training, CrossFit, Yoga, or anything else, you can find a way to incorporate these bands. They are perfect for resistance training and rehabilitation. They provide both positive and negative forces on muscle groups to help develop and tone major muscle groups. The bands are soft, making them perfect for beginners or individuals working on physical therapy movements.

From Yoga to Pilates to your own at-home workout program, the bands are able to help engage muscle groups in a gentle yet productive way. Not only are these great to achieve overall wellness, but are a huge help in recovering from injury or whatever physical therapy needs your body may require since they can help stretch you out and provide "weight" without impact.

You may start with the easiest band and work your way up to the most difficult. This set is likely the most affordable you will find. Beginners can start with the loosest band and work their way up. Advanced users can work out regularly with the stiffer bands and incorporate the looser bands into different exercises.

This set is great for anybody looking for a quick and easy upgrade to their training! In my opinion these are the best workout bands.