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This is my first pair of earbuds without wires and come tucked in its own little charging case, which is pretty exquisite and also keeps the earbuds saved and charged, which is great for those people on the go. Given its small case, it is most portable for you to get one owing to its relatively small and compact volume.

d39 package.jpg

open d39 package.jpg


It is excellent indeed in appearance, including its charging case. It has a generic design of a typical in-ear earbuds and is constructed mostly of plastics. Moreover, it is so light that it would withstand plenty of drops. On both earbuds there are visible connectors which would keep dirt away from the contacts. 



Having used these for several weeks I did find they might still fall out for its not-so-right sizes for me even with the other 2 buds of different sizes in the package, but I still suffer from random drop-outs on these buds mostly owing to excessive workouts or running. The only fear I would have here is that it would be gone if one fell out in an awkward place like a shore.

  Bluetooth earphone eartips of 3 sizes.png


 You can pair separately as you’d like to, which is a handy option,which means you can just use one at a time in your car or office. You can pair both at your own will as well,which will depend on the individual and your specific needs.For me, having the choice was a better option,which means I could choose which side I want or just use both earbuds depending on what you are doing. There are voice enabled notifications called out to you when either earbud is being paired.



Sound Quality

You can get clear and powerful sound from Letscom truly wireless in-ear earbuds, never missing any part or component of your music.I am no expert in Audio too, but as a general user who is not seeking the ultimate definition of sound will enjoy them,I have tested sufficient earphones and headphones,so I can tell you these are not brutal,when it comes to dishing out sounds.



One Button Control

There is one button on each side, so you know you have done a command.You have the usual play,pause,skip track options but you can hang up on calls and connect to Google Assistant if you use it. You can really control its all the functions on one button,such as Playing/pausing music, answering/ending/rejecting calls, and activating the voice control of your phone with one button control on the earbud without reaching for your phone. 


Battery Life

It can be charged anytime with its portable charging case supporting 3 times full charging for the earbuds so that you can charge the earbud anywhere anytime.It seems to be around 2 Hours on one single charge for earbuds, but the charging box can charge it up to 3 times when you are out so that it would be plenty for those who may use them,for instance, on a commute to work.There is a blue LED that will flash to let you know they are charging.On the earbuds they host a light in Blue to let you know their charging status.




Overall thoughts

For the money you will be happy with this and this is the trend now with more manufacturers offering earbuds like this. For the price,you get a great product if you want something simple,which looks good and gives great sound.